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but an average of *what*?

Hey Aska,

I’m a second-year Physics Specialist student… and I didn’t do so well as I thought during the first semester. My inquiry is about graduate school. I plan on enrolling at the Physics department at U of T, the Master’s program in particular. Do they look at my CGPA or just my 3rd and 4th year average?

Thanks a lot!


hey there,

the vast majority of graduate programs (especially master’s programs) only consider your last or two last years of undergrad. the department of physics doesn’t specify how many years you need to have maintained the “b+ or better average” that they require.

likely, they don’t want to advertise that they only look at the latter years of your undergrad, but it’s best not to assume these things. i would e-mail the department at grad ( at ) physics ( . ) utoronto ( . ) ca and ask them directly.



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