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the party is E V E R Y W H E R E

What’s UC like? Is it a social college? Party much?


UC, Party college? Is it very social? Whitney vs. Sir Dans if I plan on rooming with my friend?


hey there,

you know what, this is probably a sign that i am getting OLD AND GRUMPY, but i honestly have no more patience for this ‘party college’ nonsense. one year it’s st. mike’s, the next it’s UC. d’you want to hear a story? i was at the hospital the other night (don’t worry, aska’s fine – i just have an alternate life which requires me to go to the hospital a lot) and a guy came in who was a UofT engineering student. he was drunk as a fish and had just been badly bruised in a bar fight.*

now, i’ve never heard of engineering as being a ‘party faculty.’ in fact, it kinda has a reputation as one of the most brutal programs at this school – and rightly so. yet that guy still somehow found the time to go to a bar, and unfortunately spent his night at a hospital.

my point is: if you like to party, you will find a way to party. if you don’t, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to avoid it. it’s as simple as that.

even if there ARE colleges that are more party-oriented than others (colleges where, say, the student union hosts club nights), you can avoid that scene if you want to. and if you go to a studious college but you’re a partier at heart, you’ll find a way to do it.

which is good news! it means that there’s no need to worry about whether a college is or is not a ‘party college.’ the fact of the matter is, most 20-year-olds like to have a good time. you’re not going to get enrolled in a monastery by accident.benedictine monk

Example of where you won’t end up

now that that’s out of the way and i have been officially outed as an OLD GRUMP, let’s get on with residence talk.

as for whitney vs. sir dan’s, the latter is primarily single rooms, so whitney hall might be the better bet if you want to room with your friend. however, both buildings are right next to each other and pretty similar in terms of layout and services.

i’d also recommend you go on a tour of the residence if you can, since people usually find that super helpful.

best of luck with it all, and hope to see you around in the fall!


* he was ok in the end, don’t worry.


  • anon

    I went on a residence tour but it was absolutely useless as one of the tour guys barley spoke English and we didn’t see in the rooms, and just looked in the common rooms but it wasn’t very helpful.

  • aska

    I’m sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can contact UC with your concerns, and figure out if there’s some way to go on a more thorough tour? Feel free to contact the UC Residence Office at and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you!

  • Sylvie

    Whitney has more single rooms than sir dan’s! Whitney is way better though. If you’re trying to live with your friend you’ll be fine. And partying is pretty okay, particularly if you’re crazy into sex-positivity and consent culture.

  • aska

    Sex-positive, consensual partying. The very best kind. (And hey, thanks for the tip about the residence – UC’s website is a bit vague about that).

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