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hey aska! Do you recommend findacourse or griddy for figuring out schedules? Is there one that’s better? Thanks! 🙂


hey there,

i’d definitely recommend both. they’re great tools and they provide a service that, honestly, ROSI should really be doing anyway. they let you construct your timetable and play around with courses and lecture sections until you’re happy with them. i personally prefer the layout on griddy, but both sites are great and useful. massive props to the students who created them. i can’t even manage Excel.

however, a word of caution: these services are not affiliated with the university, so while they do pull their info from the uoft timetable and calendar, they can get information wrong.

i input my (ideal) fall/winter schedule into both griddy and findacourse as a test, and while it went off mostly without a hitch, there were a few errors. a couple of courses that are listed on the uoft timetable couldn’t be found by griddy or findacourse, and griddy was convinced that one of my Y courses was an F-section course, and would only list it on my Fall timetable.*

so yes, they’re handy tools, but they’re not foolproof. i DEFINITELY would not advise going ahead to sign up for courses in August based solely on what griddy or findacourse is telling you. always double check it against the course calendar, because that is the most official information.



* i won’t give you any specifics about which courses it messed up on because then you’d know my schedule and aska likes to fly UNDER THE RADAR, you get me? if i think i’m an enigma it’ll make me feel better about the fact that i have mustard spills on my shirt, like…75% of the time.

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