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Hi aska! I am looking forward into the future with hopes of applying to the masters of social work program at u of t. Currently, I am about to go into second year and deciding my major. I am interested in criminology but I am unsure about whether or not it counts as a social science applicable for the social work program. Do you have any idea of whether or not criminology and it’s stats course counts towards social work?


hey there,

i’ve just gotta start off by saying that this is a remarkably lucid question. usually i’ve gotta detangle these stream-of-consciousness snarls that comes to me via e-mail or tumblr, but i didn’t get confused once reading this! so thank you!

now, other than lucidity, what else do you need to become a social worker (flawless transition. nice.)

according to the admission requirements page on the factor-inwentash website, all you need is three credits in the social sciences to be considered (including a research methodology course). you can fit that into a four-year degree no problem (and definitely into a criminology specialist/major)! and yes, criminology is a social science program.

i’m not sure which crim stats course you’re referring to. if you’re worried about the half-course in research methodology that is required for admission, i think something like CRI350H1 would do the trick. if you want to be absolutely certain, though, you can always contact the faculty of social work and ask them.

good luck with second year and i hope you get in!


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