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Another question: The first year seminar ON FOOT is on the 2015=2016 timetable description page but when I go to the timetable, the title is missing from the box next to the #L0212 and so it looks like The World of Heroes is offered twice, where I think On Foot is offered… can you confirm that the On Foot first year seminar (which sounds really interesting!) is indeed L0212 – Y – W2-4 – C. Anderson?? Thanks very much for your response! 🙂


hey there,

seems like it’s up on the timetable now! i’m not sure what you mean by ‘timetable description page,’ but it’s definitely on the timetable, so the seminar should be offered as it is described on the timetable.

hope you get in! enjoy your seminar on feet or…whatever it’s about. (sometimes it’s more fun to not read the course description and just imagine what the course will be about. though i wouldn’t recommend doing that for courses you’re actually interested in taking. taking a ‘blind dating’ approach to classes isn’t the smartest idea).



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