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hi, i am studying the first year BBA(honors) program in the Brock University. i would like to know what’s the requirement for me to transfer my credits to UT? and where can i find the information. in addition, i am an international student.

Well, I’m assuming that the credits you want to transfer are from Brock. In that case, the procedure is similar to domestic students. You’re going to have to submit documentation for the courses you want to transfer, and if you are approved, then, well, your credits transfer. In terms of tuition you’re still gonna be considered as an international student. Which sucks. But on the other hand, you get to say you’re an international student, a very exotic trait indeed, which enables you access to international student programming, the kind that gets you together with other internationals, and before you know it, you’re having French-Argentinean potluck night and your own personal couch-surfing network.

For info about transfer credit procedures, check this admissions and awards link.

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