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application for what

hi aska! I want to know when is the exact date when application starts?


hey there,

application for what, my friend? there’s about a billion things you can apply for at this university. there’s so much stuff you can apply for that the institution is grinding out these obsessive, application-writing machines, people who are never satisfied and are always looking for new things to add to their resume. it’s like school creates within you this pathological dissatisfaction with your current situation, so you always want more, NEED more –

but i digress. here are a few common application timelines:

application for admission to the Faculty of Arts & Science: unfortunately, i can’t find a specific opening date for this one. it opens in the Fall (that’s as specific as the uoft admissions website gets, but OUAC’s 105 applications open in mid-September and you can take a look at the timeline for 101 applications on page 3 of this document), and closes January 30th (in 2015).

application for residence: opens when you receive your JOINid (shortly after you apply) and you can log into MyRes, and closes March 31st (in 2015).

deadline to apply for a type 2/3 subject POSt: opens April 1st, closes August 30th.

deadline to enrol in a type 1 subject POSt: opens April 1st, closes September 27th.

deadline to bring aska snacks: never. always feel free to bring snacks. aska accepts donations year-round.



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