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off with your head!

i really have some trouble. i written one of the computer since assignment by myself. but today, the prof told me, there is someone’s code same as me. i’m wondring, if the prof think i am the one who plagiarized, and give me a record in my transicript. will that be a big problem?what is the biggest problem if i had a bad record. and will that record be canncelled after few years?


How horrible it must be to be caught stealing! That is, of course, if you’re guilty. But you say you’re not. But are you?

Anyway, your unfortunate tale just reminded me of all the wrathful oracles that were given to us time and again during first year, which resulted in my papers becoming an intimidated, over-referenced mess, with a clear avoidance of self-expressions (after all, who can assure somebody else hasn’t already had that thought!).

But is it the same with computer science? Is it possible for two people to submit the exact same thing without consulting each other? Or do you happen to be that one in a million?

Anyway, here’s a survey of the horrors of academic reprimand:

If the suspect assignment is worth less than 10%, the matter will be dealt with department-internally. You’ll be called in for a discussion with your prof and the chair of the department, and there your case will be decided. Usually this results in a mark of zero for the assignment in question.

And if it’s worth more than 10%? Well, then, buddy, you just got yourself a date with the dean! Yay! In this case you’re case will be dealt with the office of academic integrity. There will be an even gloomier talk with the chair, the dean, and the executioner. If you’re condemned, you’ll receive a mark of zero, plus a potential reduction of 20% off your final grade for that course. Plus, a notation will appear on your transcript (however, it isn’t permanent. I think it’s for a year or until you graduate. I was actually surprised, having thought that you get more of a mark of Cain type thing. Kinda disappointing, ain’t it?)

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  • lee

    My friend copied a definition from the government website and another sentence from a book, but he didn’t quote, because he thought it was common knowledge. He didn’t copy a whole paragraph or multiple sentences. I was wondering if the severity of the penalty of plagiarism depends on how much you’ve plagiarized? The essay is worth 25%. What will his consequences be? (meeting with the Dean, grade of zero, notation on transcript….etc?) It was a 10 page research essay, but there were only three short phrases that he copied, of which he thought were common knowledge…

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