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    sad face emoticon

    why doesn’t uoft have any tech-y courses πŸ™



    you and i are in the same boat because we’re bothΒ sad face emoticon people.

    you’re clearlyΒ sad face emoticon about U of T not having “tech-y” courses whereas i am sad face emoticon that some people ask me very vague questions that don’t make much sense.

    what do you mean by tech-y? am i missing something here?

    all classes TECHnically involve some sort of technology, right???? is computer science not tech-y enough a course? i can’t really think of anything more tech-y than the science of technology itself!

    in conclusion,Β please elaborate ’cause i’m pretty stumped here.

    idk man,




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    nom nom nom

    Are there places on campus where I can plug in my laptop and also eat my lunch? I don’t wanna get caught being sneaky in the libraries!


    hey there,

    fun fact: Kelly Library is the only library on campus where you’re allowed to eat, so if you find yourself on the east side of campus, you could go there! there are also outlets available by study tables- though there’s sometimes a bit of a battle for them around midterm time.

    there are also barstool-type things at Robarts that have outlets on the counter. you can grab food from the food court, park yourself on one of those high chairs, and you’re all set for food and power.

    the Bahen Centre has a similar setup, with a row of stools and a counter that has outlets. you can grab food from The Cube and sit there until your next linear algebra class or whatever.

    finally, the Exchange in the Rotman building has outlets, tables and food – the holy trifecta.

    happy eating and interneting!


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    desktops in demand?


    I’m a new international admit at UToronto’s Innis College! I’ve accepted my residence offer at Chestnut Residence.

    I want to run a desktop PC in my room during my time in college, and I want to buy the computer after arriving in college. I also might want to make other purchases online later on.

    Am I allowed to receive courier/postal mail or parcels directly in residence? If not, where can I collect them? Also, does the residence accept parcels or mail for me if I am out attending classes?




    Your answer:

    After finding nothing and just wanting to be sure, I did a little undercover work (read: contacted Chestnut — the people there are so helpful btw!) and was told that for mail can be received at the res and your giant packages will be kindly held at the front desk.

    But some extra:

    And daaaamn a desktop? In university? Are you suuuure that’s what you want to do?

    Most students use laptops just because they’re nice and portable. If you ever have a giant lecture at con hall — looking at you SOC101Y! — you can see luminescent apple after luminescent apple on the laps of many a hipster.

    Also, if you’re living at Chestnut, you’re going to be a bit of a walk away from campus. While I get that that’s totally a valid reason to want a desktop > laptop, don’t you want to be able to take your laptop with you to lectures? To the library? It can be quite a pain to get a computer at Robarts during the day, or any other library for that matter.

    Except the Innis Library — that’s basically the best place to go if you’re looking for a quiet working space and free computer.

    Likewise, since you’re an international student, you’re going to have to think about where you plan to store that thing for the four months of summer, assuming you don’t extend your stay with a couple of summer courses or whatnot. Granted, you could probably start a May lease for where you stay in your second year and keep it there…

    Eh, up to you.

    But either way, I totally recommend taking a look at what the UofT Bookstore has to offer in terms of electronics. They’re usually nicely priced and pretty accommodating to we poor student folk.



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    what to bring on the first day of school

    i’m a first year student, and have a quick question on what to bring to UNIVERSITY on my first day?(i know, lame right?)
    BOOKS!(duh) and paper? or LAPTOP? pens? or LAPTOP? I’m in politcal science. I’ve asked my friends, they say a laptop is a MUST, however, some say they dont bother because its a distraction, but i don’t want to look stupid with a notebook and a pen when everyone else is using a laptop, or when i have a laptop and everyone else is using a notebook and pen. I need to know because, my laptop is heavy too, hehe. Thanks!


    First of all don’t worry about looking stupid – you didn’t come to this big fancy university for nothing, right?

    On the issue of laptop vs. pen and paper – that is a personal and political choice. More students have laptops than pen and paper nowadays, but the pen and paper is still a very popular choice. I guess it depends on how much materials you want to lug around with you. If you have to bring multiple textbooks and course readers, plus a laptop, you might be very tired and sore at the end of a long day of lectures. But if you’re in the midst of writing a paper at the library, a laptop might be a good thing.

    The downside of a laptop is that the power might run out before the lecture is over and then you’ll be stuck. The upside of a pen and paper is that they’re pretty light and handy, but you might have terrible handwriting like me.

    I’d say if you can, invest in a quality backpack and bring both. Then you’ve got the best of both worlds, Hannah Montana style, and you can use one if the other craps out on you.

    Other good things to bring for the first day of school are a bottle of water, an organizer, a bike and some kind of light snack between lectures.

    Also remember to stop worrying what other people think of you. You’re in university now!

    xoxo, Askastudent

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    plug it in

    Hey there, Askastudent,

    I’m wondering if there are any power outlets available for laptop users during a lecture. Unfortunately, my laptop is incapable of enduring more than an hour without being plugged in.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Hi Demi (Moore?)

    In answer to your pressing technological question, I’m afraid I can only speak in vague terms. Depending on the lecture hall, you may be plug-less. Some courses might be held in large rooms where it’s possible to be hooked up to a plug, but depending where you sit, you might be screwed. I would recommend charging your laptop as much as possible, and bringing a notebook to take notes, just in case. Many people find a tape recorder handy to record important lectures for exam prep.

    Try and sit off to the side during the first day of class, before people get particular about where they sit. Best of luck and stop Twittering during lecture!

    xoxo, Askastudent

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    off with your head!

    i really have some trouble. i written one of the computer since assignment by myself. but today, the prof told me, there is someone’s code same as me. i’m wondring, if the prof think i am the one who plagiarized, and give me a record in my transicript. will that be a big problem?what is the biggest problem if i had a bad record. and will that record be canncelled after few years?

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    put your file attachment into aska’s inbox

    I have been recieving loads of emails per day in my utor junk mail.. they are usually from “Viagra” and things like it promising some *sexy time*…it is really starting to get on my nerves!!! does this happen to you?…I blocked alot of them but I thought the Utor email would be better than this!..I actually get less junk mail in my hotmail account!

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    will my 1990 mac classic hold up at big bad UofT…


    I got a question about computers. Right now, in Hi school, I’m using a 1990 Mac Classic (black and white, no less) for all my assignments etc. The thing can do word processing no problem, and I’m not taking any computer or science-ish courses at UofT, and I was wondering whether I should get something better. It can’t run Internet, but they do have computers you can use on campus, don’t they? Anyways, lemme know if you think I should buy a new one (I got some money saved up), or if I’ll be OK to stick with the clunker.


    well, i think the deciding factor is whether or not your mac classic has number munchers on it. remember that game with the little evil trollies and you have to munch prime numbers or multiples of 3, etc.? that was the shit. basically, it’s up to you. the calendar says: “the equipment and software available to students are up-to-date and accessible. on the st.george campus, networks of pc and unix workstations support the computing needs of all our courses. in addition, some higher-level courses are based on laboratories.”

    so the school provides, but weigh that against going all night in a computer lab and waiting in line to do your homework (i don’t actually know how many computers there are). do you want a new computer? or can you find something better to spend your cash on? if you need the cash to survive next year, don’t get it. if you need the cash for beer next year, think about it and prioritize. the choice is yours, my dear computer geek.


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    askastudent tames the printer like a wild animal

    As stupid as this may be for a uni student, I don’t know how to format my bch310 notes. Our prof puts one slide per page and there’s about 20 slides per one hour lecture. He gave us some instructions by going to paper layout but the computers at gerstein and my home computer don’t seem have that option. This is costing me a lot of money since my printer broke down. How can I put more lecture slides on per page?
    From, computer illiterate sci student