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the websites you wish they’d told you about

hey there,

true to form, the university of toronto is as sprawling online as it is in person. there are as many separate websites related to this school as there are individual uoft buildings, and they’re just as hard to navigate.

in fact, i’m always surprised that anyone can find askastudent at all?in this mess.

however, there are a few key pages which most students go back to over and over, so i’m just gonna list them now for any first-years (or extraordinarily absent upper-years) who feel like they’re drowning out there in the academic cybersea.

1. the course calendar

this document lists courses, course descriptions, the requirements for every?subject POSt at the faculty of arts & science, and the breadth requirement each course meets. read it?a lot.

also in the calendar: degree requirements?for B.Com., H.B.A. and H.B.Sc. students.

also also in the calendar: rules and regulations (contains information about literally every administrative thing related to your academics, including but not limited to: extra courses, credit/no-credit, late withdrawal, petitions, the dean’s list, and academic standing i.e. probation and suspension stuff). this page is like your daily multivitamin of essential uoft information.

here are the course calendars for other faculties at uoft, and for the other two campuses:

2. the timetable

second only to the course calendar in usefulness, the timetable lists all the courses offered in a certain session, as well as the days/times they’re offered, and the instructor of the course. don’t be put off by the fact that it looks like it glitched out and is only showing the skeleton of its HTML code – this website is the faculty of arts and science’s?holy book. (here are utm‘s and utsc‘s timetables).

3. fees

the fees website is its own snarl of interconnected pages, so here are a few important highlights:

4.?student life

student life’s main page is a springboard into a host of useful departments at uoft, like accessibility services, the first nations house, and hart house. give that a quick browse for services that may be relevant to you.

and here is ulife’s main page, which lists pretty much every club, organization, committee and team you at this university. you’d be hard pressed to find nothing that piques your interest here.

good luck on your internet odyssey, my intrepid warriors.




the virtual uoft fam jam

Hey I’ve been trying to get into the uoft facebook groups lots of different times but I’m always redirected to the “enter your email and we’ll send a confirmation email” page. All my emails are re routed to this gmail account. I receive emails saying go to my mail.utoronto account to confirm my wanting to join but the inbox is always empty.

Any ideas as to whats going on?


hey there,

as i understand it, you have to join the central uoft facebook group before you can be allowed to join any of the smaller ones that are under its umbrella (like your graduating class group, or specific club pages, etc). that page is here. just enter your utoronto e-mail (make sure you select the right extension, either @mail.utoronto or @utoronto), click ‘Confirm e-mail,’ and then it should send a confirmation to your utoronto inbox.

if you did all that and it’s still not sending, i’d suggest calling central IT at 416-978-0299 and asking them what’s up. i don’t know who exactly runs the facebook group, but if you call them, they can likely direct you to the person who’s behind all these SHENANIGANS.

i hope you are eventually able to join the virtua party on facebook, full of people desperately trying to unload last year’s textbooks and complaining about the distance between two of their classes.

no really, this messing around with e-mail and tech support will eventually be worth it – just don’t go on facebook during class. i’ll come over to wherever your lecture is and swat you over the head with a newspaper if you do. trust.

have a happy Monday!



the data dilemma


I’m planning to go to UC. Do you know if students can get their own wifi plans in a (dormitory style) residence? Do you know anyone who does? I am a computer engineering student and have a couple projects that require high bandwidth and data usage.



Hi Adrian,

So I don’t know about getting your own plan, nor do I know anyone who one, but omg, I’ve been trying to research your question for ages.

Then I just gave up and asked someone from engineering for help.

Basically, after chatting with that person and then two other engis, you’ll be happy to hear that there won’t be any need for your internet plan. No one’s ever had a problem with a lack of data or bandwith, so what the university supplies for you should suffice.

Likewise, if you’re in engineering, you actually get access to a lot of buildings at all hours including the science hotspot Bahen Centre that has the engi lounge or whatever it is where you can find a bunch of computers and tired stressed students. So if you accidentally use up what the university allows you from too much streaming, you can always go there. 🙂




are you pondering what i’m pondering?

Hey! I wanted to know if I can put running a website (fansite to be exact) as avolunteer experience. Or does that fall under Extra-Curricular Activities? Or should I not mention it at all? I spend a lot of time on it and I really don’t have anything else to write under those sections. I have a lot to say about it and I do have a lot of responsibilites. Please help! Thanks!



Running a website is like running the world … or so I like to think.

It can really fall under either category! So, I would throw it into the one that you have less information for. You are now at the point in your life, that when your qualifications don’t exactly fit the requirements you just kind of mold them into what is neccessary. This isn’t lying because skills developed in one task can be transferable to another of a different field. Focus on the responsibilites and skills you developed!

All in all, bullshitting is acceptable.

foever truthful,



i’m off that ROSI, i’m off that

Hey bro’s.

Long story short, I dropped all my courses except for 0.5 in each semester. Stupidity/procrastination. I’m second year. However, after logging into the UC Writing Help website, at the bottom of the page, it listed the courses I was eligible to get help in. A full year course that I dropped was showing, and this scared the shit out of me, because if it’s still on my record, then I’m pretty much suspended no matter how well I do in my last course right now.

Is this correct??? I dropped the course via rosi well in time before the deadline, and it does not show up on rosi, OR my blackboard anymore.

Is it possible that I’m still registered in it? FYI it’s LIN100Y1, and the course I’m taking now is MUS315H1.

Is this just a mistake, perhaps their site was not updated or something? I’m assuming (and hoping) that Rosi & Blackboard are a more reputable source than the UC Writing Help website.

Is this worth seeing the registrar?

Thanks a lot.



I don’t understand why the Writing Centre and not ROSI would track you as having been registered in a class that you’ve already dropped, but I wouldn’t consider their website more reliable than the end-all, be-all she-beast that is ROSI.

Did you talk to your registrar about this? Basically if ROSI says you’re not in a class, then you’re not in a class. Maybe the Writing Centre glitched up and doesn’t track classes that have later been dropped later in the year?


I hope you ended up getting the help you needed!

xoxo, Askastudent


My Utor is being attack

Hi Aska,
I got this e-mail and was sketched out. I tried to Google what it was before clicking it, with no success. So I clicked it and got a sketchy website.
What is it? A scam? It was sent to my uoft email!

<insert a forwarded email here>




clueless bout email

Hi Aska,
Will I still have access to my utoronto email account after I graduate or should I give all my school friends my hotmail address??


Hasn’t this question been answered already? Anyway, yes, your utoronto email will still be around after you graduate… that is, unless the world ends or something. But in that case, I think you PROBABLY wouldn’t need an email account.

And everybody knows that gmail and even yahoo mail are miles ahead of hotmail. Do yourself a favor and switch.


obvious career-counselling advice

I want to apply for some Work Study jobs for the fall and winter terms. I was told that I need to get a university-specific code to access the postings on the workopolis campus website. How I find out what the code is? (more…)


sorry, the internet doesn’t work for macbooks because YOU SMELL

Hi, I have a Macbook and I’m really confused about how to connect to the UTORwin internet at school…when I try to open a browser it just says I’m not connected to the internet, and when I try to connect from Airport it just asks me for a password…does anyone know?


your can keep the email, but we’re going to have to take the tattoo

am depending on the email address too much that i start worrying about the future. I guess this email account is designated to me FOREVER until the end of the world, right?
Or do they have some fuzzy policies on how many days after graduation before they take back that 20MB and give them to other new students?


the end of the beginning of the end…

Does University of Toronto have facebook?



feeding frenzy of questions

alright, let’s see if i can answer questions in 15 words or less!



l-serve hizzookups

ASKA! I need some help!!! I have been trying to register online at
for the events and stuff in July and it refuses to let me register as it claims “that my information does not match records” while all of it is correct.
Can u contact those who are responsible and figure this matter out for me?

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