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sad keanu

Hi Aska, I’m set to graduate with my double majors in 3 years. However, since I want to do grad or law school and need to figure my life out, I want to do a 4th year of undergrad. I’m frankly miserable at UofT and am not keen on doing the whole 5.0 credits/another traditional school year. Any advice on studying at another school for a year, interning and being a part-time student,etc.? Besides registrars and my depts’ advisors (whom I’ve consulted), who can I speak to on campus? Thank you!



honestly, most people take 4 years to complete their undergrad, so don’t feel as though you need to finish in 3 years (if that’s what you’re thinking).

i’m sorry to hear that you’re miserable at U of T; it is definitely possible to become a part-time student, but i would highly recommend that you talk to your registrar’s office first to discuss how going part time would affect things like student loans or completing your degree.

besides registrars and department advisors, you could consult upper years who have gone through similar experiences as well. honestly though, i know you’ve consulted registrars already in the past, but they are probably the best people to talk to when you’re thinking of transferring or going part time.

if you do decide to transfer, i encourage you to do tons of research on the websites of other universities. they usually have a section that has information on how to transfer to their school.

you could always think about doing an exchange at another school! it might be more interesting and not as miserable as dreary ol’ toronto. definitely look into the CIE. there are tons of exchange options available at the CIE and you can try to attend one of the many info sessions they hold during the year.

i hope things start looking up for you!



a straightforward answer? OVER MY DEAD BODY!

I’m hoping to go abroad to a university known for a very tough grading policy, and I’m a little concerned about the effect this could have on my gpa. I know many universities don’t do this and U of T doesn’t factor AP credits, but are credits from a study abroad program factored into our gpa?


hey there,

uoft has two study abroad opportunities: summer abroad, or exchange. depending on which one you’re talking about, the answer will be different.

summer abroad is a program where you complete a uoft credit, but you just do it in another country. in this case, the mark would appear on your transcript. if you’re doing an exchange through the CIE (centre for international experience), then you would be doing another university’s courses and getting transfer credits for your uoft degree – in that case, the mark wouldn’t show up, only the credit.

so: does it affect your GPA? for summer abroad: yes. for exchanges: no.




@ Michael Lee-Chin: fight me


are there study abroad opportunities for architecture, particularly for undergrads?



hey there,

if you really want an EXCITING, URBAN experience, my personal recommendation is that you stand in front of the ROM – facing the shard side, of course – and yell really loudly about how bold and beautiful it is. scream “WHAT AN INSIGHTFUL MEDITATION ON THE CLASH BETWEEN THE ANCIENT AND THE MODERN” until someone stops on the street to pummel you.

then fight them, illustrating in real time the historical struggles preserved in the ROM. punch yourself in the face. get an A+.

buttttt if you’re more conventional (*cough*boring*cough*) and want something NON LIFE-THREATENING that’s organized by the university (snore), then you can always participate in the summer abroad program.

summer abroad lets you complete a uoft course abroad during the summer. this summer, there are two architecture courses offered: FAH391Y0 in Italy, and FAH392Y0 in England.

there is also an exchange program (different from summer abroad, this program is organized by the CIE) that allows you to complete a course at another university abroad. Yonsei University in Korea offers architecture courses.

that’s about it as far as undergrad opportunities go, but keep an eye on the summer abroad and CIE websites, because new courses and partner institutions are always being added to the summer abroad and exchange programs.

or you could go for my very helpful ROM suggestion. i think a bloody fight between some art enthusiasts is exactly what Bloor/Yorkville needs.

happy travels,



aussies love aska, aska loves aussies

I am currently in my first year at the University of Melbourne in Australia, and I am looking at going on exchange at the University of Toronto next year (second semester here – first semester over there), and I am looking for what individual subjects that I can do. Is there a list somewhere? Also, where is the best place to stay? On campus in a dorm, or off campus?




Hi Chris, or should I say, G’day! (I know, that?s terrible, but you’re gonna get it a lot)

Toronto is an awesome place to do an exchange and we have a good relationship with your Uni and many others. So welcome! You may have already found it, but there’s lots of information for potential exchange students available from the Centre for International Experience.

U of T has literally hundreds of programs, so it can be a bit intimidating glance at a list of subjects. It?d be easier to point you to information relevant to you if I had a better idea of what you’re studying, but information about each program is buried deep under hyperlinks on the Programs of Study page. Most of that information is more germane to students looking to do their whole degree here.

For an exchange student looking to pick courses for one semester, you’re probably better off taking a glance at this year’s Calendar? from the Faculty of Arts and Science. Unless you’re in a professional faculty like Engineering or Music, this is the pool from which you’ll pick your courses. It has descriptions of every course offered? by the Faculty of Arts and Science, though not all of the courses in the calendar run every year. It can be a fun read if you?re a nerd like me, so have at it!

Hope that helps and hope to see you on this side of the Commonwealth!



When in Rome, and away from U of T


I’m a prospective student from British Columbia who is interested in applying to the University of Toronto. I did some research about U of T and really like what I’m learning about the school! I want to major in languages and study abroad in university (preferably i would like to study abroad for two years). At University of Toronto, are there any limits to the amount of time you can study abroad? I know at some schools, they have a certain amount of time students must spend resident at the home university in order to graduate. Would this be the same case for U of T as well?

Thank you very much!



So I gave the Student Exchange Center a shout and their answer is Yes there is a limit.

Students can do up to 3 semesters abroad. So a year and a half of school or 3 separate semesters.

Click here to see what the bible (ie the course calendar) says.

AND the international student exchange page

Love Always,



When School Isn’t So Delicious…

I have been doing really bad in school. I still have one mark left to be posted
on ROSI, but I’m sure my CGPA will be below 1.60. I heard that means I will be
put on academic probation. Does that mean I will be kicked out of school this
semester, or would they give me a chance to bring up my marks this semester?



travel back in time; tutor past self; gamble on world cup

After clearing academic probation with hard work, will the stain of being placed
on academic probation permanently stained on my transcript completely change and
restrict my chances of getting into professional schools such as Law, Medicine,
Pharmacy, et al.? (more…)


second year is not ‘second year’

I’m a first year student(computer science)….but then I only finished 2.5
credits……so am I in probation if I didn’t finish 4 full credits at the end
of summer 2007 ? (more…)


you can’t fail me because i quit (or transfer to college)…

Lets say… a friend of mine flunks out of university or gets put on academic probation or has to stay out of skool for a year.
Can they go to college? or does the academica probation affect college too?


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