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take notes, boys

Hello! How many classes do i need to volunteer to write notes for (the accessibility services note taking) to get it on my CCR? I’m currently volunteering for one class.


bless up, an easy one to answer– didn’t have to dig too deep or hype myself up to unravel a multi-question-what-the-heck-is-going-on kinda ask. not that i’m complaining about those, they’re fun in their own way.

so i checked out the student life page for volunteer note-taking, which says there are two criteria you need to meet to add note-taking to your CCR. first, you need to be taking notes for at least 3 classes. i think this means 3 courses simultaneously. second, you need to be sending in 80% of the notes.

if you can manage to make those thresholds, you’ll be eligible for CCR credit. but if you only end up taking notes for one course, i’d recommend at least contacting student life to get a certificate of completion. you can find that contact info on the note-taking webpage.

hope this helped! and hey, pat on the back for helping accessibility services out. you’re doing important work.

over n out,



faust revisited

I got in. But missed the deadline for scholarships (Feb 27!), probably cannot afford to actually go unless I sell my soul to a bank, or anyone who would want to buy it in exchange for an education. Anyone?
How bad is it to borrow from the bank? Im working full time…and I have no financial help from my parents. What can I do? I would love some help in terms of resources, if there are scholarships left…Im looking but there is not much. I applied to UTAPS already. Anything else? Thank you very much.




askastudent tames the printer like a wild animal

As stupid as this may be for a uni student, I don’t know how to format my bch310 notes. Our prof puts one slide per page and there’s about 20 slides per one hour lecture. He gave us some instructions by going to paper layout but the computers at gerstein and my home computer don’t seem have that option. This is costing me a lot of money since my printer broke down. How can I put more lecture slides on per page?
From, computer illiterate sci student


the note-taking conspiracy

Tell me, is it worthwhile to take notes from textbooks in courses with heavy reading material? Or shall I just read and study, not bother spending hours on taking down “key points”?

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