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Hi! So, i’ve been accepted to a volunteer abroad program aimed at students (operation groundswell) for the summer of 2016. However, i can’t afford to go without financial aid of some sort. If i apply to bursaries? through the program itself, i may be able to shave off the cost of flying in and out of Peru, but that won’t be enough. I was wondering if there are any bursaries, grants or anything else of that nature that UofT could offer? Any info would be appreciated.



hey there,

honestly, i doubt it. most colleges have a fund held in reserve to issue emergency grants, but i doubt this would count as an emergency. you can always ask your college registrar about it, but it’ll most likely be a waste of your time.

i mean, it would be great if the university could fund all our trips abroad, but i’d probably spend more time eating macarons in Paris or punching some toothless lad in Manchester than actually doing work, so it’s probably better that they don’t.

uoft does have some scholarships available to help fund travel, but for most of these, you need to be either in a uoft exchange program, or working on a uoft course, either by completing it abroad or conducting research in another country.

however, here are some of the scholarships available to you. have a look through and see if you can wiggle your way into being eligible for any of them.

have fun in Peru!


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