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Currently, I am a 4th year neuroscience student at U of T. I have recently got a work-study job at a psychology lab. Then another opportunity came up and I could be a volunteer research assistant for another psychology lab. I have read some posts from searching on Google and most posts suggested that undergrad student shouldn’t do this because it would tired me out. Some post even suggested that researching with two different profs from the same faculty might not look the best. I am only doing 3 course for this semester (so I am not that busy) and I was wondering if I could get some advice on this matter.

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i can’t really say whether or not you’d be able to balance 2 work-study positions/ lab positions and 3 courses as i don’t know you. my suggestion is to really think about how you work, whether or not you can commit to managing your time efficiently, and if if will take a toll on your grades, mental health, or physical health. i would also discuss these concerns with the profs that you would be working with and see if they would help you to balance your time between the two labs and school.

i don’t really know about working with two different profs from the same faculty not looking great. i don’t know if it would really matter, but then again, i’m not a prof or someone looking at your transcript for grad school or whatever. if it’s something that you’re really worried about, i would bring it up with the profs who you’d be working with. they would have more insight onto how student placements in labs work as well as grad school applications.

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i really hope this helps and i’m sorry for such a slow response.

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    Work studies in my experience are no that intensive. It’s a maximum of I think 10 hours a week or less. All the people I knew who did it actually worked far less than that, more like 2-4 hours a week, and I can say the same.

    This was 6 years ago, mind, but I had absolutely no trouble juggling it with a project course and 3 other courses.

  • aska

    yes, thank you! most work study positions now are 12-15 hours MAX but i know most people usually work maybe 6.

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