academic standing: it’s complicated

Hi, so if you’re off probation do they send you an email telling you that? I was recently placed on probation at the end of April. I took summer school and raised my CGPA to 1.58 (I go to UTM). I haven’t received any email telling me I’m in good standing now. Also, I CR/NCR a course during the summer that I got a NCR for. But my other two marks that were assessed made my CGPA a 1.58. Am I considered to be in good standing now? Also note, my CGPA in April was 1.47, and my SGPA for summer is 2.15.



they will contact your college/ faculty if there is a change in your academic standing, who should then inform you of that change. if you haven’t been informed of a change to your academic standing (ie. you haven’t heard from your registrar that you are no longer on probation), then that means there hasn’t been a change to your standing (ie. you are still on probation).

if there’s any confusion at all, talk to your registrar! though i, as askastudent dot utoronto dot ca, know quite a lot, i am (unfortunately) not all-seeing. your registrar’s office, however, are able to see much further than i can. i’m a baller but it doesn’t mean i’m not humble.

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i suggest that you make an appointment with your registrar’s office who’ll be able to look into your academic standing and provide you with more information. you can also look at this link that details what being “on probation” really means.

hope this helps!



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