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What happens when you need a certain mark for a course to get into your program but don’t have the mark? I’ve taken the course twice and need to take it a third time. Will I be kicked out of my program at this point? Or am I able to retake it. I got over a 50 in the course



i’m a little confused by your question. i’m assuming you mean that you needed to achieve a certain grade in a course to be admitted to a subject POSt? and that you’ve taken it twice and passed both times but didn’t get the mark that you needed for the POSt? and now you’re worried about being able to get in/ staying in? i think?

you will need to talk to someone at your registrar’s office (just like you did when you added the course the second time) and fill out that form. again, they will designate the course as “extra”, which means that the mark can be counted towards any programs you apply for, but won’t count towards your GPA and the credit won’t count towards the 20 FCE that you need to graduate.

i’m not 100% sure if they’ll let you into the course for a third time, but unless there is some sort of exclusion or other reason why you wouldn’t be allowed to take the course a third time, they should let you into the course again. you won’t be able to add yourself to the course on ACORN, but someone from the registrar’s office will be able to.

i hope this helps! good luck 🙂

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