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i don’t wanna be your mom, but…

I’m a first year and I forgot to do two responses for one of my courses. The first one was due last week, and then the second one was due yesterday. Is it ok if I get 0 on these? They’re not very important but I’m a first year and I don’t want these two responses to be my downfall and to propel me into academic probation or something.



i don’t know if i can tell you whether or not it’s “okay” that you get 0 on these assignments. obviously, missing course work is bad and you shouldn’t do it (the mom in me is coming out)… but i’m also not here to boss you around and tell you what you can and can’t do.

take a look at your course syllabus, it outlines all the course work and how much everything is worth. if you’ve taken a look already and have determined that you can still pull a decent mark despite missing the first two assignments (though you will probably have to hustle HARD), then you’re fine. if, for whatever reason, these assignments are like the only marked course work in the class and without those marks, you’ll fail the course well… yikes.

this is something that you would definitely have to discuss with the instructor. hopefully, if god is good, the instructor will discuss alternatives with you and you will reach an agreement. this could be anything from allowing you to submit the assignment(s) late without a penalty, or excusing the assignments and lumping the marks into later assignments. if this isn’t a possibility, then you should speak to your college registrar. they’ll be able to provide you with more information and options.

i wouldn’t worry too too much about this. it sounds like you’ve determined that these assignments aren’t too important and that it may be fine for you to skip them. however, i would still definitely speak to your prof and see what you can figure out– there’s no harm in getting more marks!

and like, not to be your mom, but like… do your assignments.

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