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I am currently half way through my first year at UOIT studying Kinesiology. I had been accepted into UofT Kin and had it as my top choice, then I last minute changed my mind and accepted UOIT’s offer. I was wondering if it’s possible to apply to UofT for the coming September, and if that application would include my transcript from UOIT even though I would not be completing the full year if I get accepted? Or would my application only include my high school grades? I have well above the GPA recommended for transfer students, and I am aware that none of my credits will be transferred.

I am just curious what I would need for the transfer or if I am okay with just applying right away.



according to this link from KPE (the faculty of kinesiology and physical education), it seems as though they would be looking at both your high school marks and your post secondary transcript. it says that you need to have “high school grades in the A range” and “a university GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale” in order to be competitive.

hope this helps!

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