take the money and run

I logged into acorn and it says I’m eligible for a 3k osap refund? what does it mean? the FAQ just tells me how to request and who may be eligible, but it doesn’t tell me why? I already paid my full tuition with my osap money are they trying to give about half of it back to me? why? I was a full time student in the beginning of the year and I’m still a full time student as far as I know.



so… i kinda have…. no effin’ clue what’s up with this.

i dont know no clue GIF by HULU

i suggest that you check in with the people at enrollment services. they’re the OSAP/ financial aid experts on campus and they’ll be able to give you the most up-to-date and accurate info.

sorry i can’t be more helpful, but i don’t wanna lead you astray.

hope this helps, though!



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