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if you throw money at your problems maybe they’ll disappear

In my first year of university I was in good academic standing but then I took some summer courses and was on academic probation because I didn’t do well in the summer session. The following Fall/Winter term my CGPA was still below 1.5 but I signed up for summer classes to increase it so I can get SGPA of 1.7. But since I had some overdue fees on my account I was kicked out of those classes. Then got an email that I am going to be suspended. Can I still take the classes after I’ve paid the fees?


hello hello,

this question confuses me a lil but also seems to be one of the more urgent ones lined up, so i guess i’m gonna give it a shot. part of that confusion is because i’m not actually sure what happened to you. were you put on financial hold? were you financially cancelled? neither? help?? fees? what?

i guess i’ll focus on what i can answer: whether or not you can still take classes once your account is cleared. this is one of those rare instances where i can’t find anything from utsg (maybe i’m not looking hard enough? i bet it’s out there) but both the utm and utsc websites suggest that late registration is possible, albeit with a fee of $44 plus $5 each business day. this fee is paid to your registrar, not to ACORN. my hope is that if it’s possible at those two campuses, it should also be possible at st. george provided you don’t wait too long. it stands to reason that yeah, once your overdue fees are dealt with and if you’re able to put a tuition deposit down for summer, you should be able to take the courses you need to keep yourself out of suspension.

however, i would really suggest you confirm this with your registrar— you’d have to visit them anyway to pay your late registration deposit. i’d say book an appointment with an advisor sooner rather than later, given that summer classes are accelerated. if you’re trying to pull your gpa up you don’t wanna get in too late.

best of luck dodging the suspension! i hope it’s actually possible for you to take the courses you need and pull that SGPA. you gots this.

over n out,


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