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which is more accurate, the timetable or the academic calendar? when will the timetable be totally done?


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the timetable is never ‘totally done,’ per se– i feel like small changes are always being made as more sections are added, rooms are assigned, instructors are moved around, etc. i would recommend you wait to plan your courses closer to course reg time if you’re worried about it, as it tends to stabilize around then.

i’ve heard that there are actually some issues with the current timetable, in that there are discrepancies between the courses registrars know are to be offered and what the timetable shows. this was flagged with first year seminars in particular, as i’ve written in several previous posts, but there could very well be other issues i’m not aware of at the moment. i will post an update about this when i get one, but once again– gotta hang on! 

from what i know, the calendar is probably your more reliable bet at the moment. i’ve confirmed that it is up to date. while changes are definitely still possible, they’ll be tracked on this webpage.

however, the calendar won’t give you the kind of info essential to planning out your schedule, not the same way the timetable will. you’ll notice that courses listed on it are devoid of any practical details– no room numbers, no instructors, no tutorial times. this is why you’ll want to hang on for a bit and use the timetable to plan closer to course selection– but if you want to check which courses are being offered and stuff, the calendar is a solid bet.

hope this helped! best of luck with planning things out and getting those prereqs down.

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