enrollment,  enrolment

i guess that makes us all telepaths

Hey aska! I’m sorry if this question has been asked before but how do we find out when to enrol in courses?


hello friend,

no worries at all! i did a recent post on this, which you can check out here. basically the gist of it is, look out for an email from your registrar. if you don’t get one by mid-july-ish, shoot me another question and i’ll try to find out what’s up. but yeah, you should definitely be notified by the school when it’s about to begin! i don’t have access to those specific dates right now, but it’s pretty safe to say course enrolment should be at the end of july. that is, if it’s anything like last year.

so like, expect the school to speak! telepathically! to you through a machine! in order to get your hands on that specific information. sounds like amazing fun. file that under things that make me nostalgic about entering first year. ah, sarcasm’s so hard over the internet.

over n out,


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