the answer is! yes

do you need to pass a swim test before entering U of T?



i love this. i’ve never seen a question in my inbox that has bewildered in this exact way. i have so many questions for you. why? how? what? what? do i know you? is that why you’re doing this?

is swim a typo? am i missing something? it’s not whack enough that i know for sure it’s a joke.

on a more serious note: yes, you absolutely do. it’s not very well advertised by the university, which it obviously should be, seeing as it’s such an essential thing. it’s toronto, after all. the land of torrential rainstorms during the summer months, and school cancellations that do not happen when they need to. how else are you expected to get to class? even billy bishop airport is overrun with frogs. look at me, citing my sources. 

we’ve had so many students almost die drowning, in all seasons, all of them. toronto weather is WHACK. i almost died once myself. i was there. it happened. 

many a wide-eyed frosh is turned away from the school each year for not meeting this requirement. you would think they’re out to get us, or something. make us pay our fees and then kick us out for some absurd reason. 

what? you’re telling me this isn’t standard? that mcgill and queen’s don’t take policy-grounded precautions to prevent student drownings? frankly, that’s a pretty irresponsible oversight. this, and definitely not the millions of dollars we pour into research, must be the reason why u of t is the number one uni in canada. 

just kidding. the only thing u of t kiddos are drowning under is the insatiable load of readings, labs, online homework, testsquizzesassignmentsprelabsahhhsendhel- ~static~

be Boundless,


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