where are our labs???

do you know if bio/eeb labs are all held in RW? Thanks in advance!



hey there,

my understanding is that usually they are held in RW. it’s hard though, as a fellow student, to know if there are any exceptions. i did check the timetable (as i’m sure you have, as well) and it’s pretty frustrating that none of the labs have room listings right now. my guess is that you might be worried about making it to a lab in time, if your classes are back-to-back?

if it’s a huge concern for you, i would give the department a call and ask about the specific lab. i did try calling twice, but i guess it was at a bad time cause they didn’t pick up. that’s probably on me– i should know better than to call around lunchtime.

tl:dr if you’re willing to risk it, chances are good your lab should be in RW. if you are a concrete information kinda person, check with the dudes who should know.

be Boundless,


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