happy new year

if u get suspended for a year, do you get an email or letter at home informing it?


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sorry for the delay with this answer– i had to wait until the university reopened to check for you, but it seems like you just get emailed with your updated status. like overhead projectors, course selection books, and grades that come out on time (ACORN what’s UP), letters home seem to be a thing of the past.

i really waited til a whole decade passed to shoot this one back to you. big sorry.

if you’ve been suspended and have concerns, i would recommend giving your registrar a visit– they’ll be able to walk you through your next steps, answer any questions you have, and refer you to resources you might not otherwise be aware of. even if you don’t have concerns, it’s a 10/10 thing to do. feel free to let me know if you need anything, as well!

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