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all of life is pain!

i’m thinking of double majoring, and some of the courses i can take for it are included as being able to count for both majors. (soc and wgs). if i take one of those courses that are in both lists, will it only count towards one of the majors, or both?


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allow me to complicate your life and introduce you to the 12 distinct credits rule. it’s this weird lil u of t quirk designed to marginally ease the sufferin’ of students who are taking multiple related POSts.

to quote myself, because if my profs can do it so can i:

“a quick (but not foolproof!) way of calculating the number of credits that you can share between majors is to add together the number of credits that both majors require, and then subtract 12.0: the remainder is the number of credits which can be applied to both majors.”

so the answer to your question is that it depends. as long as you ensure you have 12.0 distinct credits, courses from both lists will count towards both degrees. in your case specifically, a wgs major requires 7.0 FCEs, as does a soc major. generally, what this means is that you can have 2.0 credits’ worth of overlap between the two– this equates to two full-year courses, four half-year courses, or a full-year course plus two half-year courses.

hope this helps!

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