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Hi, I am currently a first year UTSC student wanting to transfer to UTSG for second year. I applied to the social sciences program and I was wondering what the general competitive cGPA for internal transfer is. I have a 2.9 right now and I am a little nervous. Please let me know!!


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i’ve gotten this question a few times in the past, and it never ceases to frustrate me how little info there is on internal transfers to UTSG. UTM has its competitive internal transfer cGPA estimate– where’s st. g’s? geez.

i’ve been told nothing gets published because it’s such a dynamic pool of applicants, and they can’t actually put a number out and risk being held to it in case it doesn’t accurately reflect what they get that year. which i guess kind of makes sense?? but doesn’t really help you out much. i wish i had more on this, i do. it sucks that you just kinda gotta keep your fingers crossed and wait for word. which isn’t ideal.

you might try calling enrolment services and see if they’re willing to tell you anything. that’d be my best bet, although i only have about 38% confidence it will work.

best of luck, though. aska is cheerin’ for ya.

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  • Max

    Heyyyy! Just wanted to say this website is a blessing, so helpful! I had a quick question about internal transfer (I’m sorry, i know they are the most annoying questions :(. Im currently a first year at UTSC life sci, and um chem didnt go too well, so Im retaking it this sem, and was panning to do the other chem in the summer. I sent my internal application for UTSG in January but it it only says “application received” and nothing else :(. Does this mean something? Or are they just waiting for my second sem marks? Cuz i did say to send the transcript for winter and summer. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated 🙂

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