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Hi! I am in serious need of some advice. I am officially a UTM student, but I only took 4.0 credits there in my first year. I took 5.0 credits at St. George during my second year. I applied to transfer this past year, but was declined because I did not make GPA. Should I try to transfer again in my third year once I boost my GPA? I have taken many classes that would contribute to a major that is only available at St. George. Is it worth it to keep trying to transfer? Thanks so much!


hello there,

this is a bit of a situation you’ve gotten yourself in, huh?

i’m a little bit stuck on this one as well because i’ve never encountered your circumstances before, and have no clue how i would proceed if i were in your shoes.

i suppose if you’re super set on st. george, you can definitely try to transfer again for your third year. you’re familiar with the transfer process now, which will hopefully make it a bit easier for you. like you mentioned, your classes would contribute to a major that’s only available at st. george, so it may be worth another transfer attempt just to make those credits useful.

however, if you’re not confident in your ability to transfer to st. george, you can also look into having those credits transfer to UTM as electives, so that they don’t totally go to waste and can still count towards your degree. i’m not sure how many of them will transfer over, but this may be worth looking into just so you can weigh your options with better information available. as you’re probably already aware, you can check their transferrability using transfer explorer, or perhaps by reaching out to the relevant UTM departments.

that’s about all i can think of. i would really, really recommend that you reach out to your registrar and book an appointment. i feel like it would be much more helpful for you to talk this through with a real!live!person! who’ll be able to walk you through all your potential options.

good luck :/

be Boundless,


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