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Hi there, I’m a first year student and recently got caught for using an online website for help during a term test worth 15% of my grade. I was wondering what kind of sanctions would an offence like this typically receive if it’s a first offence.


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really sorry it took a while to get to this. by now maybe you’ll have spoken to someone about this issue (i really hope you have) but i’ll answer this in case you haven’t!

this code of behaviour on academic matters is the closest thing we’ve got to a guidebook on navigating academic offences. i’d give it a read through if you have the time— it contains many of the answers you’re looking for.

since you were kind enough to send me a specific question, though (not just “what will happen to me” but “what sanctions might i face”) i’ve taken two screenshots that you’ll find particularly helpful. you can find this info under the “divisional sanctions” section of the code of behaviour.



























i hope that gives you a sense of what you might be looking at! if you haven’t already, i’d really recommend that you get in touch with your registrar’s office. a consultation with an academic advisor will be invaluable to you right now— you deserve that kind of support.

apart from that, here’s a post i did earlier this year that might be useful for you. the student asking this question was in a slightly different bind, but i explained the academic offence process for them, which will apply to your case as well. 

best of luck with this!

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