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you said POST but i read POTUS

hi! i’m in first year right now and i had a question about POSTs. if i didn’t take a prerequisite for it in my first year and i choose to take it in my second year, how does applying for the program work? do i just apply in my second year then? will this cause me a delay in my studies? thanks 🙂


hey there,

this is a common situation to be in! yes, if you choose to take a POSt prereq in your second year, you’ll just apply during the application period following your second year. assuming nothing changes before then, you should be able to find the application deadlines here.

as for whether it would cause you a delay in your studies, that really kinda depends on how your POSt is structured. if your upper-year classes don’t require too many prerequisites, then the likelihood is that you won’t see any delay in your studies. but without knowing what POSt you’re interested in, i can’t give you any definitive answers.

if you’re interested in exploring this yourself (which you should), degree explorer is a good tool that will help you map your degree out. you can also book an appointment with your friendly ol’ registrar, who will talk you through this and give you LIVE! REAL TIME! advice that i can’t, lol.

good luck with this!! i hope your first year is going as well as possible given *gestures at the whole world*.

anyway, the title of this post should give you a good sense of how much doomscrolling i’ve been doing. fun times.

be Boundless,


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