i used to be this ambitious too but now i’m a lil tired

Hi, I had a question would 2 specializations in IR and Commerce be possible in a cross campus UTM UTSG scenario? How long would this program take?

Would I recieve two degrees an HBA and a Bcomm or choose between one of them?

Since I’m still in High school I’m not sure how applying to both works, would i apply to the social science stream and the Rotman commerce stream with the supplemental application.

Would there be situations where I have to go to both campuses in the same day? Also im terrible at math, I heard there is a waiver form at UofT that if you dont have a high school pre req than you could sign that and still take the course, I do not want to take Calculus, would I be eligible through that waiver or would I have to take Calculus to gain admission into Rotman, if not how hard would it be to gain admission if I didn’t?

Can I take courses from IR and Commerce and graduate within 4 years if so what would be the course combinations?

Thanks in advance!


hey there,

to be totally honest, it sounds incredibly difficult to me to do two specializations at two different campuses. i’m actually not sure if it’s possible, because i’ve never heard of anyone having done it. my gut says that it’s probably not possible. but i would encourage you to call the admissions office and see what they say.

< maybe there are ways to get an exception, or alternate ways to study what you want without going to so much trouble? with that said, you can certainly still apply to both UTM and UTSG, according to this webpage. i’m not sure if the rules are different if you’re out of province, so you can check that over with admissions as well. and just so you know, rotman commerce is a UTSG thing, not a UTM one.

in the event that it is possible to take programs at both campuses simultaneously, i certainly do think that you may need to attend class at both campuses in one day. of course, that depends on how many courses you’re taking at once, and when they’re being offered.

i’m not 100% sure about the waiver that you mentioned. i’ve never heard of it myself, and wouldn’t feel comfortable confirming it to you with hearsay anyway. for that, i would get in touch with the appropriate departments— here’s the rotman contact info, and here’s the utm management department’s contact info. regardless of whether it’s true that you can sign a waiver to bypass calculus, i don’t think you’ll be able to gain admission to rotman without it. this webpage states that calculus is an important admission requirement, which indicates to me that they won’t consider you as an applicant if you don’t take it.

as for the course combinations, well, you can check out the required courses for the IR specialist and major, or the commerce specialist and major. if you’re interested in doing two specialists for sure, i think it would be challenging to get your degree done in four years, since each specialist will usually take up at least two years’ worth of credits (assuming you take 5 courses each fall and winter semester). however, i wouldn’t worry a TON about getting things done in four years flat, unless you’re worried about funding. plenty of people take an extra semester or even an extra year to get the degree that they really want!

overall, having thought about your question, i’d encourage you quite strongly to talk to a guidance counsellor at your school about this. have a conversation with a u of t admissions officer as well, if you’re able. you seem incredibly ambitious, but i would caution you that while u of t is exciting and offers a lot of possibilities, it’s important to be realistic about how demanding it is. for many students, it would be stressful to complete two specialists just at one campus, much less two specialists at two different campuses. if you’re confident that this is what you want, then by all means go for it and thrive, and i’ll be rooting for you! but i’d think it through quite extensively first and make sure that you’re certain about it.

anyway, one last thought: if you’re set on doing commerce and IR, i would highly recommend that you look at this double degree program webpage, and give it some consideration. it might be the answer that you’re really looking for.

good luck with your uni apps!

be Boundless,


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