CR/NCR,  late withdrawal

save that gpa

Hey, I think one of my classes is gonna affect my gpa a bit, and I’m thinking about doing grad school in something later (probably an ma or mba if that affects anything), do you think a cr/ncr looks better on a record or a lwd? Really sad I missed the drop date :(( but I think I want to save my gpa above all

hi there,

so sorry i couldn’t get to this until now — i hope you figured something out, but i’ll just put this out there anyway in case anyone else gets in a similar situation.

if you will likely pass the course, CR may look better than a LWD (i mean, a pass is a pass!), and you can still get credit for the course. if you think you might fail the course, it may be better to go with a LWD.

it also depends on the specific programs you’re hoping to apply to for grad school. some might only look at your upper year gpa or final year gpa. actually, rotman mba and uoft master’s admissions both only require a minimum 3.0 or mid-B average in your final year, or last 5.0 FCEs.

there isn’t much info on how they look at LWD versus CR/NCR, at least for uoft, but you can also reach out to the admissions office for the programs you’re interested in to ask!

i hope that you were able to choose an option that works for you. realistically, i just wanna say that a few CRs or LWDs will likely be fine for grad school, so don’t sweat it! it sounds like you’ll be applying in later years, so there is still plenty of time to improve your academic record, especially for your final years, which will be the most important. i’d also recommend speaking to your registrar for support in your future courses.

wishing you all the best!


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