sounds familiar… hello cr/ncr my old friend

I’m ready to graduate this June, but took a couple of extra classes this sem to boost my gpa and get more writing experience. I kinda want to graduate with high distinction, but I think one class might weigh me down from that. Should I cr/ncr it or just accept missing the high distinction cut off? It’s a class within my program but doesn’t count toward any reqs as those are done. Also I’m considering grad school so idk if cr/ncr would affect that. Would high gpa look better or visible grades?

hello there,

so sorry for the late response — i’m just getting to these long-overdue cr/ncr courses, but hopefully you were able to work something out. here are my two cents, anyhow, in case it helps.

i think it depends on how much this course lowers your gpa, and whether it’s related to your undergrad or potential grad programs. i haven’t heard much about how high distinction and other titles are considered by grad schools, but gpa would definitely be a factor that is considered. i would recommend calculating your gpa with potential marks for this course to see if it is still competitive for grad programs and other opportunities you may be interested in, e.g. jobs, scholarships. if this course doesn’t lower your gpa too much, you might be better off just keeping the grade. but also, beware of grad programs that focus on only your upper years or final year, which might cause this course to hold more weight.

a CR might give the impression of a very low mark and could be a red flag, especially if it’s in a course related to your desired grad program. at the same time, just one CR/NCR in your final year (the main focus of many grad school admissions, e.g. uoft) may not be so much of an issue, especially if it saves your gpa! however, it’s best to contact your potential grad programs to ask how they consider CR/NCR in their admissions process.

in any case, i hope the rest of your semester has gone smoothly, and wish you all the best for graduation!


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