academic offense,  current student

the (possibility of a) suspens(ion) is killing me

I was flagged for an academic integrity violation. First offence and it was an exam. Will I get suspended?

hey there,

to be honest, i don’t know. you might get suspended. you might get away with a “written reprimand”. if it was for something relatively severe like cheating on purpose, i’m pretty sure you’d get a zero or some other mark penalty on the exam at least. all of these, and others, are listed as “possible sanctions” for cheating on a test, and it’s up to the dean to decide the outcome.

they do consider the context though, like the number of previous offenses, severity of the offense, and if you honestly admit to the offense as soon as possible. the fact that it was your first offense does help your case, and i’d recommend being honest about the situation and communicating professionally to show that you understand your mistake. the artsci website has some info on key steps you can take if you get caught up in an academic offense case, like contacting downtown legal services for advice (it’s free! and they have services catered to students).

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