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i saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get into any of my science seminar choices, better yet there were absolutely no spaces left in any of the science seminars by my 10:15 start time. Instead I chose “The Sun and Its Neighbors”, which seems like a good alternative. However, it’s only a half-credit course and I was thinking about enrolling in “Stars and Galaxies”. “Stars and Galaxies” is a second year course but, it does seems to complement “The Sun and Its Neighbors”. I am worried that because “Stars and Galaxies” is a second year course it may be too challenging for a first year student, although by reading the anti-calendar and the course description it does seem to be about the same in difficulty as “The Sun and Its Neighbors”. Am I wrong in thinking this?

i’d say go for it. a lot of those introductory astronomy science courses are pretty much bullshit anyway, so you shouldn’t have any problem with “stars and galaxies” especially if you are taking its prerequisite in the first term. don’t worry, you won’t be mapping out galaxies on a spreadsheet and finding them in the sky. however, you will know where astrological signs corresponds to in the sky, which is a killer pickup line for meeting bimbos and especially drunk cougars in their 50’s on a friday night! practice with me: “oh a scorpio, eh baby? could’ve sworn you were a taurus… why don’t you give me your hand, oh don’t worry lover…i just want to point something out to you….” you’re so golden!
cheers, askastudent

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