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I am a prospective graduate student and I want to know what breadth courses really mean. I am from an Engineering background and want to apply to the school of management and a professor said I might need to take some breadth courses which I don’t know what it means. Kindly enlighten me on this. Thank you.

Oluwatobi Adagunodo


Hey Oluwatobi,

Don’t you just love that part about MBAs? More often than not, you can apply to a program with any academic background!

Anyhow, breadth requirements are troublesome little things that students in the Faculty of Arts and Science have to fulfill as part of their degree requirements. Contrary to popular to belief, they are not around to torture you. Rather, they’re meant to make sure students in Arts and Science have taken a broad range of subject areas in their undergraduate year.

Which leads me to a confusing point: the breadth requirements are for undergrads. If you’re applying to a master’s program, something that is quite specialized, I don’t see why you’d be told to take courses in things outside of your area of study. But do take a look at the program you’re applying to and see what the courses they want you to take during your year(s) of graduate studies are!

Good luck!


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