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I’m currently a grade 11 student and I’m planning on doing Biochemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry at U of T.I have taken biology and chemistry since they are requirements for the program but I have noticed that the program says physics recommended. However, I did not take grade 11 or 12 physics because I have heard about how hard it is! But do you recommend that I take both grade 11 and 12 physics next year just in case?


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For biochemistry, if you do the specialist, you’re going to need physics thus yes, take the high school ones — or at least one of them. If you just plan to do a major, which does NOT need physics, then no, don’t bother. The necessary knowledge of physics here seems to be pretty basic considering even the specialist only wants 100-level courses from you.

Now if you want pharmaceutical chemistry (which can only be taken as a specialist), you’re going to need the same first year physics.

Verdict: ehhhh maybe take grade 11 physics at least.

See here’s the awesome thing: PHY131H and PHY151H, the two courses you choose between to start from, don’t actually require grade 12 physics.

So technically you CAN get into the course, but without the recommended preparation, you may very well botch those up (read: you will). So I do recommend maybe taking at least grade 11 physics to get soooooome knowledge of the sacred art of physics.



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