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Hey Aska 🙂

I’m a student who was enrolled in the life sciences programme at UTM last year, and I’m hoping to get into the Bio Major programme as time goes on. Due to all sorts of not-too-fun stuff, I ended up only taking my three required courses in the Fall (MAT134, CHM110, and BIO153), but eventually I managed to get my sh*t together and went for the full course load in the winter term. I managed to do okay on everything, but I failed my maths course by a few percent and got my butt on probation.

I’m in summer school at the moment taking a 2-year SSc course that I’m acing (it’s a Y course, and I’m rocking above 80 right now), and I’m retaking maths as well. I enrolled in my courses before I knew of my academic standing (I got the email two or three weeks into the start of courses), and I’m pretty close to where I need to be anyway – I’m at a 1.48, I need 1.5 to be safe.

So, I passed my first math quiz with a 60, but I failed the first test by 8 percent. Now, I thought I fixed my problem, but obviously I haven’t. So here are my questions:

1) As a kid intending to go on into the bio major programme, can I use my No Credit/Credit option on this stupid maths course?

2) Would it make sense to drop the course and try taking an online thing at Athabasca and having the credit transferred?

3) Should I push through and see how I do until the LWD date?

I don’t know what to do :/


Hey hey

For starters, I want to stress your working your butt off this summer to avoid the possibility of suspension.

But your questions:

1) No, you cannot use the CR/NCR option if this math course is a program requirement. CR/NCR courses can only fulfil degree requirements, not program ones.

2) Honestly… no, I don’t think you should drop it and take it online. Using transfer credits for program requirements is always such a hassle. It’s doable, but clarify with the department if they’d be willing to take a transfer credit for entry.

3) Push through until the last day to drop. Don’t bank on a LWD because those are never guaranteed.




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