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This is the first time I’m writing to you and I guess I have a little problem. I’ve just finished my first year at UofT St. George and although I struggled a bit, I know where I went wrong and I’ve kinda figured out what i have to fix to do better academically. However, I did not get into the Subejct Post that I wanted: Economics. I want to Major in Economics but i didn’t get the required math grade as I took MAT136H1 and barely passed. I’m thinking of repeating the course again this fall, but my question to you is do you think its possible for me to take MAT133Y1 instead? I know that MAT133 is an excluded course if a student has received credit for MAT136, but I think i’d have a better chance of making the grade if I took MAT133 instead. I know a lot of people would say that maybe Econ just isn’t for me because I’m not good at math, but i think last year was more down to me being lazy and not having the foundation that I would have liked. So yeah, basically what I’m asking is: is it possible for me to do MAT133 instead of repeating MAT136 having passed MAT136?



Regretfully motivated,

It is possible for you to do MAT133Y, but the credit WILL be counted as extra, meaning it won’t contribute to your cGPA, and on your transcript it’ll just say “EXT” (for extra) next to it.

However, the grade you get will still be considered for a program requirement.

And, lucky for you, you won’t have to go through the trouble of bugging your college to enrol in the course for you since technically you’ve never taken MAT133Y before.

Just note that with MAT133Y, you need to get at least 63%.



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