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the college war has been called off due to gross nudity

Hey, I’ve been looking into the various colleges, and the basic information given about each has been nice and all, but I have a question that the pamphlets won’t answer: Which schools have a reputation for what kinds of people? Where are the preppy rich kids, where are the hippies, where are the dungeons and dragons kids, where are the drunken jocks, and where are the
outdoorsy health freaks, etc…? Although I’m sure each college has some of everything, I just want to know where I would fit in the best.

awww, you must have just stepped out of the film ‘mean girls’, where the cliques are neatly labeled for you. don’t come expecting such simple divisions, colleges don’t work like that. i would even hazard to guess that a large population of students have no idea why they’re choosing their specific college. others make decisions based on residence or academic programs or scholarships, not always reputation. you will find different kinds of people at every college, hopefully some of who you will be compatible with. your delineations of ‘preppy rich kids, hippies, D&D kids, etc.’ don’t really exist. i have met all kinds of students cool and uncool from every college.
it’s possible that you may be particularly suited to a college, but you’d have to tell me a little bit about yourself. otherwise i don’t know whether you’re a jock or a hippie….though in reality students tend to group up according to subjects of study, extracurricular interests, country of origin, etc….don’t think that your college is the only place to make friends.

i consider myself a free agent of this whole college system. i work at one, lived at another, and hang out at all of them. if i could’ve done it all over again, i would have picked UC or Vic. if the college system means that different colleges have their own ‘character’ (facilities and funding), i’d go with the colleges that seem to have the most resources for groups and events and such. UC has big comfortable couches at their student-run cafe, more comfortable than other colleges. once again, couches win the college debate.


  • Gloria

    I find it doesn’t make a difference to a commuter. It’s not like they can stop you from walking onto other college campuses. But hey, if you like being involved and stuff, it might make a difference.

  • Tony

    wow, i totally disagree with Gloria: as a commuter i am very active around my college. if you’re one of those students who goes to class, then flies home, then sure the college choice wont matter. but if you want to maximize your university experience and get involved, your college is the best place to start.

  • Gloria

    Yeah, that’s my point. A person who goes to class and then flies home is a commuter. Like I said, college choice will matter to the commuter who’s *involved.* I found when I was applying that too too many people were worried about their college choices when they weren’t the type to join clubs, etc.

  • Ange

    Innis is the old hippie druggie colony. It is not that hippie and not that druggie. Anymore, the film studies is in there, and they are sort of the ECO Conscious
    Cosmic Consciousness Colony. C C Cstudents It is mostly the fringe films student type place. There is no college to hang out in really, there is a lounge. Though it is a Registrar’s Office.

    Mostly your college is your Registrar’s Office.

    Woodsworth, is the Part – Time students college.

    St. Mike’s ,,, Catholic Boys School

    Victoria University Women’s happy swishy arts girls college

    academically wide, Literature and Literary types

    it’s on the “Other Side of the Campus” Across Queen’s Park

    the Philosophy Dept and Courses, the Italian Department

    a couple of Famous Residences…. It’s cosy and cutesy

    like a junior high, and the posters and activities are at

    about that level. Seriously immature.

    Trinity Anglican college is for the slutty dumb state servant types, people

    whose families think they are rich but have lived off

    the government or have worked in the diplomatic core

    The Socialite circuit, to ensure that they will continue to

    sap off the Corporate or Government Trough Undetected .

    UC the open to all religion college, often called Jew C. Meaning it’s non denominational , it is the biggest College , building wise, there is a nice
    hang out the UC Lit, and has a really nice quad, used to be women only
    but both men and women enroll there. The Original College that formed UofT.

    New College, the psychology , and socially consious and active types, the residence
    and the college are one in the same and it is across the campus
    road from the Athletic Centre.

    I don’t know where the Engineers and the Med students enroll, but they are in

    a world all their own, and the Geo types , ? Who knows where they enroll

    they just sink into the wood work.

    Don’t listen to that jerk who said you had just watched some pitsy teen movie.

    IT EXISTS and you are RIGHT to want to know where to enroll. It makes a

    HUGE HUGE HUGE difference.

    If you have anymore questions write me I will be happy to let you know what

    it is like here. It is the most serious and best University in the country and

    the resources , facilities and the situation here is really the best in the world,

    no reason not to be in the best college for you when you are here.

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