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come to think of it, classes aren’t shocking enough these days.

hi, this is kinda too late but when i logged in to select my courses today, all
my first year seminar choices were gone. I had to choose between ” shocking
artists, shocking art”by prof Legge or ” classics of the italian cinema” by
prof Katz. do u kno which is easier? i ended up choosing the art thing.

to be honest, my finding a seminar easy is completely dependent on whether i love the subject and whether i find the other students in discussion irritating.  it’s possible that a bad seminar could turn into a good one as soon as that tight pants dude with the shrill voice and that girl with the bag that always smells like fish.  i spoke to both professors, who made a good case for their classes being interesting.  as a special bonus treat, prof. Legge sent me the syllabus for her class.  since you’re taking it, this might give you a sense of what will be required of you.  it’s a shame that more professors don’t make the syllabus available beforehand, seeing as a class is basically the summation of the content of a bunch of books.  the list of books/films/paintings/sandwiches= the class.clickforthefile            firstyearseminarart


  • Gloria

    Anyway, if I don’t know anything about a course and can’t pick one, I go by prof. Good professors make a huge difference. Check the ASSU Anti Calendars of years past. The rankings tend to be slightly lenient though … the profs with 90+ retake are pretty much guaranteed great. 80+ is still a hit and miss. Anything lower is something to stay away from.

  • Aidan

    I’m going to second Gloria’s recommendation of Legge… She’s AMAZING. The class is super-lax, too: you’re not marked on anything to do with her seminar sessions, so you basically end up showing up just to listen to her talk about art, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

  • briandude444

    Your blog is getting better and better! Previous posts were good, but this one is just FABULOUS.

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