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Dear Aska!

Does stomach growling constitute as socially inappropriate?? As, say, passing gas? If not, why do I feel embarassed every time old yeller starts going at it?

Yours Forever,


No. If I’m on a first date and nervous my stomach will start doing all of the talking for me. I guess in a positive light it makes me seem more human than the awesome sex bomb they think they’re dating. And because I’m dainty I do get a little embarrassed. But it’s not like farting. There are a lot of medical reasons for it, but I don’t want to bore anyone with my new found knowledge on the subject.



No, actually, I do. The doctors have a real name for it: Borborygmi: a name actually that comes from Ancient Greek. The word relies on onomatopoeia and actually translates to rumbling. It’s primarily caused by muscle contractions in the stomach. 



Oh, on Monday (I don’t know why I like talking about this so much.), during my exam, my stomach was SO LOUD! It’s just funny. You’re just hungry *for the right nutrients* or something. Just think of it as a good convo starter.

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