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i hope i don’t find out who done this or you’ll have it on your lawn

Okay. Now, at first, I thought these messages were funny. (e.g. Bagira) Until I got this heart-felt epic. WTF? If anyone has answers as to why I keep getting messages from hopeful, sincere foreigners that I can’t help (nor really feel like I need to help. I donate blood!? Isn’t that enough!?) I’d really appreciate it. I feel badly for these women – especially this one. She’s so poetic: “walks on fresh air”…

Hi dear!!!
How are you doing? I hope, that my letter will interest you. Well. I have received your
e-mail through the company of dating of the Internet. I wish to arrive in your country,
and I have good chance for this purpose. I require only the person who can meet me in
your country, and possibly we can to develop our attitudes. Well. My name is Oksana. I very much hope to meet that unique person who will love me and to respect. To me of 28 years, and I dream of family. I could not find such person. I very romantic person. A supper at candles, walks on fresh air – I very much love it. I search for serious and strong relations which go in a marriage. Since the childhood I had aspiration to create family and in due course this desire began stronger. I feel That I am ready to a domestic life, and I want to create my own family! I very much love children. I have no children, but always wanted to have the boy and the girl from the favourite person. I the simple girl, am fond of a few sports. Very much I like to prepare. It is mine hobby. Well, about my chance to arrive in your country. My director planned to open a private school for the Russian children in yours the country. Me and some other children’s teacher from our school had an opportunity to work in yours the country. For work in yours the country I have transferred fast norm of studying of English language. To me has made all necessary documents for flight, but approximately one month ago director informed one, that all plans are cancelled, and never possible to be executed. I made greater plans, and all suffered failure. Certainly I have been very disappointed, when have learned their news. Several weeks ago to me has arrived the invitation from the ambassador for reception of the visa. Director informed me, that I can to exploit this visa in my personal purposes.
Also director informed, that it can give me a long holiday from work if I shall decide to fly tos. I thought, whether that the visa is necessary for me really? I have heard about your country many times, and it seems to me, that really best place where probably to live and
possess a life. Your country has good economy, and it does yours the steady country. I think, that it – really best place to find love, and to live happily. If it is interesting to you, I shall look forward to hearing from you. . I not understand in computers, therefore I could not send you the photo but if you will answer me I shall necessarily send you the photo. I have told not all about myself, but it will be possible to you not interestingly, therefore I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope, that my letter was not vain And we shall have chance to study each other closer. Please, write to me back and send your film on my regular e-mail:

(aska censored)
Have good day,


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