take on me (take on me), take me on, to uofteeeeeee!

heyhey! i’ve got a 3.35 gpa right now, but it’ll likely drop down to a 3-ish by the end of the term. i’ve also applied to transfer to st. george’s arts and science faculty from utm, this year (2.5 gpa is minimum, right?). i know these kinds of Q’s are very common but i’m desperate and this is my only choice right now. i’m also only taking 3.0 creds this year (its my first year). have u heard success stories from peeps in similar a situation?


hey there,

firstly, a couple of things to clear up: uoft says that students eligible to transfer usually have a B average. in uoft GPA lingo, that translates to a minimum 3.0, not 2.5. so keep that in mind. however, “usually” does allow for some leeway, and i’m not an admissions committee, so i can’t say anything for sure – but they do say explicitly that transfer students typically have a B average, so if you can try and keep it at at least a 3.0, that would be to your advantage.

secondly, about your 3.0 credits. if you want to transfer into a subject POSt, or program, you’ll typically need to have completed at least 4.0 credits?(i’m linking to woodsworth college’s explanation because the artsci website is down right now, thanks a lot uoft, but the same information is given by artsci). with only 3.0, you may have to start your second year as a first year student again, that is, someone who’s not in any specific program. however, those specifics are something you can talk with your registrar’s office about if you get accepted. and that’s certainly not ME. i can’t register people (registrar people? registrate? what’s the verb for that anyway?)

what was i talking about? right.?having done 3.0 credits probably won’t impede your actually getting admitted to the university.

so yeah, i can’t give you like, “76% of people in your situation were admitted,” but what i can say is that you do have a chance. so good luck.



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