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I’m not sure if you’ve answered a question similar to this one already and?I’m sorry if I’m making you repeat yourself, but I couldn’t find anything?similar to it on here, so here goes.

I’m a first year UTM student, I was taking four 1.0 credit courses, but I?ended up dropping one, so I’m set to end this school year with only 3?credits. According to all the the Subject POSt stuff I’ve read you need 4?credits to actually be placed in second year courses and the like.

So my question is this, if I take a course in summer school, do I only get?to pick my courses after I’ve completed the summer school course, which?would limit my options, because the longer you wait to sign up for courses,?the less room there is. AND, if I’m not confident enough in my ability to?learn course material at an accelerated rate and don’t want to take a?course during the summer, how does the Subject POSt thing work? Would I be?barred from all second year courses until I completed a fourth first year?course? Meaning I’d be stuck with only first year courses if I don’t take a?course over the summer?

Thank-you for your help.


hey there,

don’t apologize! i’m glad you took the time to read the site a little before asking a question. you’d be surprised how many people e-mail me “whaT CO lLE gE shO Uld I ?g O tOO?@?!!?11?!1?” before reading a single word of this blog.*

i’ma start by saying right off the bat that this is a really tangled question. it depends on your specific case, like, what subject POSt you want to enrol in, whether you have the prerequisites, etc.

however, if you do do this course in the summer, you will have to wait until september to pick courses and enrol in a subject POSt. you will be at a disadvantage for course enrolment, but it won’t be impossible. if you want to learn the specifics about waiting lists, which you’ll probably have to deal with in this scenario, you can go here.

if you didn’t take the summer course, you wouldn’t be?barred from taking courses in the fall?- sheesh, that sounds so violent! you just likely wouldn’t be put in a subject POSt yet, and would have to wait for the following april to enrol in one. all that means, practically speaking, is that some courses will have enrolment controls that will exclude you from taking them. if you’re looking to get into a highly specialized subject POSt, that may present a problem. but lots of courses at the faculty of arts & science have no prerequisites or enrolment controls (i.e. you can enrol in them even if you’re not in a subject POSt), including 2nd year courses. that just may or may not include courses you want to take.

so yeah. there’re a lot of ifs in this answer, i realize, but i think, no matter how it pans out, everything should turn out alright. it just may take a little longer than you expected!



*college question askers, you know i love you best. that’s why i tease. ’cause of the love. i know you read this blog. we have a special relationship, you and me. always.

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