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do not fret, my architecture pet

Hey so i’m finishing third year and i’ve had a terrible one and i will be applying for master of architecture next year when i complete my fourth year. They require a minimum of 3.0 in last 5FCE so my CGPA is 2.86 right now and would i be fine if i rock next year In terms of gpa?
Also since its considering the last 5FCE my Cgpa wouldn’t be that important right? considering all the other aspects of the application like the portfolio and the letters of recommendation
Please get back to me whenever you can
Thank you


hey there,

right, so the GPA is calculated based on “the student[‘s] grades in academic courses in the last five FCEs completed at the senior level,” meaning that those are the courses that will be considered for your application, and that you’ll need to focus on. like you said, you just have to rock your last five courses (i.e. meet/exceed the GPA cut-off), present a strong application in all the other components, and, based on what’s on the daniels website, your application will have met the requirements for consideration.

note that there are no specific mark requirements, but there are some prerequisite courses you do need to have completed in order to apply.



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