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AHHHHHHH. So I’m applying to St. George? Humanities next year and I just got my second semester mid term. My averages are 80-85 and up except for biology which is a 78. Will this significantly affect my entrance?


hey there,

AHHHHH. sorry, it’s a monday; just gotta do a little shouting into the void, ygm?

my friend, there are a lot of factors that affect admission, and i can’t comment on how certain things may or may not influence your application. you are a special snowflake and everyone’s case is different from one another’s. however, you can take a look at the anticipated grade ranges of those accepted to uoft in 2014 for each program, and gauge your chances by comparing your (current and next year’s anticipated) average to those numbers.

note that the numbers for 2014 may not be exactly the same as 2015, so don’t take them as gospel, but just as a rough guide giving you a bit of context about where you may stand next year.

you’ll probably still end up a nervous wreck in grade 12, checking OUAC every five minutes like an old guy checking the lottery numbers, but?i hope you’ll be at least slightly less of a mess after this post.*

and please, try not to worry so much. make sure you work as hard as you can and complete the prerequisites for your intended program, and then try to take comfort?in the fact that you’ve done everything you can. after you’ve worked hard and done your part, it’s in the university’s hands to make a decision. obsessing about it won’t help any.?go?out for an ice-cream or something instead. trust me, your hair’ll start greying much later that way.



*askastudent: making people slightly less of a mess than they were before, since 17 A.D.


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