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Hey so basically i screwed up my first year, failed a couple of courses for my laziness and lack of work but now that it is time to apply for SubjectPost i don’t have the marks of the 4 require credits and i am pretty sure i will go on academic probation. My question is what will be my next step should i redo first year and get my 4 credits?? is that even allowed?? i really have no clue what to do, since i am not enrolled in a SubjectPost when am i eligible to choose my courses for next year. Sadly i probably be looking into 5th year but i guess i just really want to know what my options are. Thanks


hey there,

if you are put on probation (and i don’t know whether or not you will be – you’ll have to wait for the school to tell you that), the first thing to do is something that’s maybe not so obvious because it’s not a super formal thing, but it is incredibly helpful. “what is it????” i hear you ask on the edge of your seat. well…

take stock of your school situation. probation kind of gives you an opportunity to take a breather and ask yourself, 1) why you think you’re in this position, 2) what you wanted to get out of university, 3) whether you’re getting it and 4) what your next steps should be. probation isn’t a punishment; it’s an opportunity to make a decision about your future. so that’s what i’d do if i were in your shoes.

if you haven’t completed 4.0 FCEs, you won’t be eligible to enter into a subject POSt. that means that if/when you come off probation (or, alternately, if you just return normally in fall 2014), you’ll have to continue taking courses, effectively as a first-year student, until you’re eligible to enrol into a POSt. those courses may not be the same as the ones you took this year, they will just be ones that you are able to/want to enrol in (i.e. because you’ve completed the prereqs or because they don’t have prereqs).

finally, i’d highly recommend that, whether or not you go on probation, you make an appointment with your registrar’s office. they can give you some specific advice about how to deal with this past year, and what steps you can take to improve in the future. like, i’m super helpful and all, but i don’t know you. i can only do so much to help your mysterious, anonymous situation, blurring hazily in the virtual ether of my computer screen, so close, and yet so far…

also, the registrar’s office won’t go on random, poetic* tangents while they’re helping you, so that’s a plus.


*i’m using “poetic” in the loosest sense of the word.

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