does anyone NOT stress about marks?


I know you got tons of messages out there asking about more important problems but I just kind of freak out with my GPA right now. I registered for Management program in UTM and (I think) the program’s requirement is high. I don’t know? I just push myself over the edge a bit and now I am in a constant-panic state. Is 3.15 a bad GPA? So bad that I will be kicked out of school and never get the chance to be anywhere anymore and that means I simply have to dig my own grave (literally) and die there? I’m sorry, I just kind of? anyways, thank you for reading my question.

Kind Regards.


hey there,

oh, man. never make assumptions about the kinds of questions i get, because you’ll almost definitely be wrong. about a third of the questions i get are about GPA, so don’t worry – i take them all very seriously. and hey, i’m a student too. i understand that GPA is like a legitimate concern and takes up a lot of any student’s headspace. my head is probably 40% worrying about marks, 20% thinking about Game of Thrones, 10% worrying about not tripping over anything, and 30% worrying about my eye liner.*

anyway, on to your question. whether or not 3.15 is a bad GPA is almost entirely subjective based on your goals for yourself. is it bad enough to be put on probation? no. if your CGPA is above a 1.50, you will be in good standing.

is it good enough to get into management? (by which i assume you mean the management specialist, though i could be very wrong, because there are multiple “management” programs at UTM). i don’t know, and UTM doesn’t provide a specific cut-off GPA, so i’m not going to speculate. however, you’ve done the best you could, and now you just wait and see. if you get in, great. if not, that’s your opportunity to find something else that gets you excited and makes you happy and that you can be awesome at.

capice? no digging of graves. that is just silliness. school programs are just not important enough to feel that distressed about. you are great and you are doing fine, and you’re going to pull through one way or another. and if you are feeling/continue feeling disproportionately down or anxious about school, then i’d suggest thinking about visiting the UTM Health & Counselling Centre, who may be helpful to you.

i hope that helps.



* though i really shouldn’t worry about it – my eye liner game is always strong. ALWAYS.

**i say “put on probation” because they don’t kick people?out of school right off the bat for bad marks, at either UTM, UTSG, or UTSC.

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