i’m gonna get an ulcer from second-hand stress

Two out of my six grade 12 courses are math… I’m applying to humanities and I’m worried its going to drastically affect my entrance. I usually get high 70’s in math or 80 right on. Also. Are you annoyed with all the same questions? I notice you get a ton LOL


hey there,

well, mi amigo, it is now the 15th anniversary of askastudent and – as always – aska is reliably peeved, aggravated, and generally down-trodden about panicked high school students asking for some kind of black market judgement about whether they’re going to get into uoft.

but aska will?still answer your question, because this website is nothing if not uncensored.

the anticipated average of students entering into the humanities for fall 2014 is the?low 80s. i STILL DON’T KNOW if you’ll get in. i don’t know you. i don’t know all your grades in all your courses.* i don’t know the colour of your mom’s hair, and if it’s dyed or natural. there are so many things i don’t know. but most of all: i don’t know if you’ll get into this university.

you don’t not have a chance if you’re somewhere in or above that anticipated grade range. and if you have just two courses in the high 70s/low 80s, you probably will be somewhere in that range. but other than that, you just gotta let it?play out and see what happens.

for now, let’s all go out and enjoy the sun, huh? frolic in the great outdoors like the children of yore used to do.



*that is NOT an invitation for?y’all to send in your grades. please don’t. it’s not gonna help anything.

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